Spanish teachers in Warsaw

Our teachers

Our teachers are qualified Spanish language teachers, mostly native speakers from Spain or South America. They are enthusiasts who love to teach and constantly improve their skills in this direction so that their classes are interesting, engaging and effective. All the time they are under control of the teaching director who always watches over the quality of classes and offers help.

Miguel - Director of Methodology & Didactic and Native Speaker

I'm from Cádiz (Andalusia), specifically from Ubrique, but when I was younger at 18 years old, I lived in Madrid for 2 years. Later on, I lived for a few months in Valencia, Barcelona, and Badajoz, as well as in various places in Andalusia. I can speak English, Spanish (it's my native or mother tongue), German, and some Dutch. I'm also currently learning Polish. I have been teaching Spanish for 2  years at a kindergarten in Germany, and I completed a Master's degree in "Spanish for Foreigners" or "Spanish for Non-Native Speakers." I also taught in Seville and later in Warsaw for 3 years. I started teaching because when I was living in Germany, studying educational psychology, I realized I enjoyed languages and the idea of traveling the world while teaching Spanish, getting to know people, making friends, and enriching my life. What I enjoy most when teaching is seeing how my students learn and how, in just a few weeks, they can start speaking Spanish and have good communication with me.
I don't think I'm a good teacher just because I give a class; I always strive to improve more and more. I want to teach all of you as much as I can! So, I will improve thanks to all of you. I could say that I know I am a good teacher because I listen to my students, what they want, how they want it, when they want it. I mediate with them and help them improve. I usually use a variety of resources for teaching, such as music, photos, games, memes, or anything else. When students laugh and learn through fun moments, their minds relax without cortisol, and they can memorize better. I enjoy changing my techniques every time so that the class is not boring.
Well, I have many different hobbies. I love cooking, but not always. I enjoy photography, video games, painting, but I'm also very fond of cinema and taking walks in the forest or mountains. These are some of my hobbies, and I have more, but if you want to know them, you'll have to come and learn Spanish and talk to me :)

Andrea - Native Speaker

I was born in Peru but I lived 17 years in Spain, I grew up in Seville (Andalusia) specifically.
Spanish is my mother tongue and at school I learnt French as a first language and English as a second language and now I am learning Chinese and Polish.
Throughout my life I have had many kinds of jobs and one of them has been teaching, I have experience with very young children and also with teenagers, teaching English to the younger ones and teaching maths, French, physics and technical drawing to the older ones. I love teaching because I can see how the other person grows and progresses day by day. At the same time I have also learnt a lot while teaching, improving teaching and learning techniques. One of the most important things in this job is that every lesson is useful for our daily life and that every class is fun and exciting.
I have always thought that living life is like a class for us where we will make mistakes but we will always be willing to keep learning and growing. I am a cheerful person who likes to see others happy, funny and a bit crazy. I am a food lover and I love cooking (especially cooking for other people), I love travelling to know new cultures and traditions, I like hiking, nature (mountains and the beach). One of my passions is drawing and also dancing (although I don't dance well). I love meeting new people and being able to share experiences and hobbies. I invite you to Spanish lessons with me and you will find that soon we will be able to talk to each other on many topics! :)